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Send and receive UNW and experience it’s lightening fast transaction speed on UniChain mainnet

To our dear and internal community – those owning UniCash (UNW).

Our Blockchain (UniChain Mainnet) is ready. You can now send and receive UNW and experience it’s lightening fast transaction speed.

Please test it out and send some UNW to experience the difference first hand. Celebrate the release with us! We are keen on thoroughly testing, updating and perfecting the system with constant upgrades.

It’s especially useful for everyday payments and purchases and we are well on our way of making UNW a real option for vendors and merchants as well as listing on exchanges.

When Crypto currency got big with a market cap in the billions, transactions started to take hours unless the sender was willing to pay huge fees. The same happened to ETH. This is not a way to revolutionize payments. Real revolution does not happen in tiny steps – it’s when something is done completely differently.

This is why Bitcoin was successful in the first place and it’s now time for the next phase. Truly scalable systems. Billions of transactions happening simultaneously. A Crypto currency that increases in value as it becomes more useful, not because of people buying it hoping to sell it more expensive later. This is the corruption that has ruined BTC and it’s so called “BTC maximalist” community.

Value through usefulness, utility, scalability and simplicity. This is the vision and purpose of UniChain. Authentic ‘internet money’ your grandma can use at the store to pay for groceries. To pay for a delivery, your rent, or someone’s paycheck. No long waiting times, no high fees, no congestions and last but not least no huge mining farms destroying our planet with the wasteful proof-of-work (PoW) concept.

Daika Ginza

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Unilab Canada
UniLab "DAO network"

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