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Airdrop UniCash (UNW) Program

  • Up to 2,550,000 UNW available
  • Up to 80 UNW ($ 27,6) per participantand and 5 UNW (≈$1.73) per each referred friend.
  • Maximum number of participants: 30,000
  • Time: From July 11 to July 25 (14d)
  • 1 UNW = $ 0.345 at the time of the public sale
  • Disclaimer: Crypto coins and tokens including UNW are subject to high volatility and price changes in either direction
  • You must remain present (“joined”) in all of our channels until September for you to receive your coins
  • The creation of the UniWallet (UNWW) is also required in order for you to have an address we can send your rewards to

Complete the missions below:

Part 1: Register for a Uni account via email (verify account by entering the code sent to your email) – Get 5 UNW ( mandatory task)

Part 2: Create a UniWallet (UNWW) – Get 5 UNW (mandatory task)

Part 3: Verify your identity (KYC) in your Uni account – Get 15 UNW

Part 4 (Only Android users): Download the UniMe app on the Google Play Store, then register your account with your phone number – Get 30 UNW. There is currently no other version and users of such may skip this part (e.g. iOS).

Part 5: Join our telegram channel – Get 5 UNW (mandatory task)

Part 6: Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification bell as well – Get 10 UNW

Part 7: Like and re-tweet the bounty campaign on Twitter – Get 10 UNW

Part 8: Invite a friend to the airdrop = 5 UNW per each referred friend

You will need:

1. An email

2. Phone number

3. YouTube account

4. Twitter account and

5. Telegram account

Link to join Airdrop program:

Airdrop General Rules:

  • If you are not permitted to interact with cryptocurrency (receive, store, transfer, etc.) by the law of your country, you should not participate in this airdrop and you should not continue using this bot. Otherwise, the responsibility for any consequences rests entirely with you.
  • 1 person = 1 registration

Software emulators, bot or multiple registrations, … are not allowed. Cheaters will not get any coins.

  • We will check all the tasks you complete. 
  • Do not unsubscribe until you receive your reward.
  • If you have any queries regarding current airdrop, please join and put your questions on that group

Project links:

1. Web acount:

2. Telegram: Channel:

3. Youtube:

4. Twitter:

5. News:

6. Bitcointalk:

7. Support:

8. Github:   


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