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Details about the UniCash Pre-sale round


Step 1: July 10 – Check the Pre-Sale announcement  

Step 2: Register an account and fill out the KYC form.

Step 3:  UNW will be available for purchase on July 28th, July 30th and August 1st.

Step 4:  August 8th – UNW will be distributed

Step 5:  TBA ~August onwards – Start of the pulic sale + listing on exchanges


UniWorld is a Blockchain and AI powered ecosystem built to accelerate Blockchain adoption and support smart cities. We have built the infrastructure and foundation for applications. UniChain enables interoperability and scalability for different Blockchains and applications. They can interact, fuse or be built on top of it. UniChains endgame is to aktualize Smart Society 5.0, sentient AI and make FIAT redundant.

Uni consists of: UniBot – AI technology platform for B2B, B2C and in a way one might even say C2C. UniChain – a highly scalable Blockchain, “Blockchain 3.0” (or 4.0+ depending on your definition – functionality includes cross chain interoperability, multichain operations, TPS of millions of transactions per second and a dApp Store)

Application layer: Various products, e.g.  UniMe ( Custom made chat bots for private and business with integrated crypto (hub-) wallet.

UniCash is the native currency of the UniWorld ecosystem

Finished products:

  • UniBot (Chat bots for private and business)
  • UniChain 1.0 (mainnet) released April 1st, 2020 at
  • Native Blockchain wallets and web accounts. 5 UNW are given to each new account free of charge as sign up incentive and for users to test the platform.  Only one account per person
  • UniMe 1.0 released with on Google play. Apple store version in production.


Name/code/ticker: UniCash – UNW

Total supply (limited): 1,000,000,000 UNW

Release platform: UniChain

Initial circulation: 300,000,000 UNW

Price of private sale: 0,15 USD / UNW

Allocated 5,000,000 UNW at 0.5%

Unlocking 17% / month

Price of pre-sale: 0,24 USD

Capped pre-sale: 12,200,000 UNW (1.22%)

Unlocking 33% / month

Price of pulic sale: 0.34 USD

Capped pulic sale: 240,000,000UNW (24%)

Unlocking 50% / month


Referral program
We reward the referrer with 5% of UniCash – UNW (Each user has their own referral link)

Project links:

1. Web acount:

2. Telegram: Channel:

3. Youtube:

4. Twitter:

5. News:

6. Bitcointalk:

7. Support:

8. Github:   

9. Medium:


The UniWold team

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