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Conditions to become a partner of Uniworld Ecosystem and benefits

We reward the referrer with 5% of UniCash – UNW (Each user has their own referral link)
To receive more rewards (UNW and BNB) and UniCash bonus sign up to the form to become our partner

I. Condition

We offer referral links. Get commission for every purchase made with your link.

We will have ascending rewards for each rank ( VIP1, VIP2, VIP3)

1. Video review about UniWorld, UniChain and UniMe.

2. Content. Can be: Article, opinion, blog, project review, advertising Uni, fanpages, groups, posts, shares…

3. Share links to your communit:

– Telegram

– YouTube

– Publications, articles, posts…

– Facebook

– Twitter

– Instagram

4. Fill out the registration form:

5. Check the results on July 26th, 2020

II. Benefits

  1. Commission

2. Digital marketing: We will support you as well where- and whenever it makes sense

3. Media image – Be part of the Uni family. Uni is and was always made with utmost respect towards respect towards craftsmenship and integrity.

4. Partners can work directly with C – level executives of the project and can join our meetings. We highly value transparency.

5. Uni is a global movement operating with every language, not just English (Russian, Chinese, German,…). Every voice shall be heard.

6. Our Support team currently covers 6 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Indian and Korean. We are working around the clock to add all other languages as soon as possible.

Project links:

1. Web acounts:

2. Telegram: Channel:

3. Youtube:

4. Twitter:

5. News:

6. Bitcointalk:

7. Support:

8. Github:   


The UniWold team

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UniLab Singapore


  1. UniLab Singapore

    Thank for your connecting, please add direct to CEO and talk. His telegram @cgt911.
    Your Team.

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