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On 6th of September 2020, our main administrator Zanity had a live AMA session with Joey Bertschler (CMO of UniWorld) on Blockchain Infinity telegram chat.

Segment 1: Introduction

Zanity: Hello Everyone, Let’s now start our AMA session with UniWorld.

It’s a pleasure to have you here @joey_jaz, Before we start our first segment kindly introduce yourself to the community.

Joey Bertschler: Sure. I work with various blockchain and AI companies such as since 2017. A lot of my work revolves around automisation and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Author bylines put it this way:

Joey Bertschler is a multi-corporate tech executive and contributor to various outlets such as Forbes and Hacker Noon. CEO of Cool Japan Holdings — the environmental enterprise aiming to make Japan Co2 neutral by 2030 — and the VP of the Security Token Alliance, the industry’s largest think tank with over 100 partners. He is also a public speaker and a member of the European AI Alliance, Harvard Business Review, YEC and MIT Technology Review.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager by managing a media outlet and an internet provider company before specializing in Content Marketing and Blockchain. He visited over 20 countries building a truly cosmopolitan mindset.

Zanity: Thank you for the introduction. let’s now move on to the first segment. Are you ready?

Joey Bertschler: Yes.

Zanity: Okay, here’s the first question.

Question #1

What is UniWorld?

Joey Bertschler: From the Uni team’s perspective:

UniWorld started quite a while ago during the early Ethereum days. We wanted to solve the scalability, interoperability and regulatory issues with e.g. the ERC20 protocol and Blockchains in general. Because we didn’t want to raise any money before we had an actual product, we skipped the 2017 ICO wave and focused on R&D using the revenue we make from our bot solutions. Now we are at the mainnet stage and our products, though rough, are ready for the users.

In other words,

We ( are an ecosystem based tech syndicate. In other words, we offer many different products and services ranging from chat bots to our blockchain platform (here is a link {hyperlink “link” to a list of all Uni services}). You can also outsource your tasks to our vetted team! We don’t waste your time with whitepapers and empty emails – we go straight for a prototype/MVP, because we want you to judge and value us based on our performance and quality.

While other BC projects are normally focused on one specific application (which they don’t really serve either), Uni takes a truly cosmopolitan approach. We have offices and employees all over the world all of which work remotely and are constantly tested for their skills – no slackers allowed!

We have the experience and capability to launch many products simultaneously also thanks to our valuable long-term partnerships with software and design veterans. From blockchain to UX, Solidity to C+: we got you covered.

Zanity: Thanks for the explanation about UniWorld.

Here is the second question.

Question #2

What are the services that UniWorld provides?

Joey Bertschler: We ( are an ecosystem based tech syndicate. In other words, we offer many different products and services ranging from chat bots to our blockchain platform. You can also outsource your tasks to our vetted team.

Aside from the main, UniChain.World and it’s corresponding, Uni has 2 other core products are namely UniMe and UniBot. UniMe is a highly sophisticated messenger with additional functions. (You can create your own chat bots, integrate your crypto wallets and the live deletion of your background data enables privacy unseen in virtually any other apps). UniBot is our Chat bot solution. Similar to GPT-3 we use huge amounts of data to train the modules they run on, but the data we select, though its a lot, is edited and filtered beforehand to create custom solutions for our enterprise partners.

There are also simpler bots for users to use for fun or as individual. They can be upgraded, changed, embedded and so forth depending on what the user wants.

Zanity: Wow! UniWorld has so many nice services.

Now for the last question.

Question #3

What is the use case of UNW Token?

Joey Bertschler: Explained above. In other words: supply chain, medical, retail, data, (insert industry).

Here are some of the white papers for more details:

Zanity: Great! thank you for your answers, Now let’s go to our 2nd segment which is the Twitter questions.

Here’s the first twitter question.

Segment 2: Questions from the Twitter

Question #1 From: @azyrmdhn

I was reading about some of the functions of your UniME app & I realized that it is very similar to telegram chat, bot, audio, video… What are some of the additional functions of this app compared to Telegram?

Joey Bertschler: Going by the tech team, UniMe has an entirely different code. It doesn’t save data at any point of time making it more secure. It has more sophisticated and more customizable chat bots, payment methods and upcoming features on top of that.

Zanity: Thanks for the information about UniME app.

Now for the second one.

Question #2 From: @salani_ABDUL

UniWorld sells a wide variety of various items. In doing so, how can ease of usage, cost of usage, safety and protection, and privacy of users still be optimally maintained at all times?

Joey Bertschler: There is somewhat of a compromise involved but for the most it’s smart design. Proper KYC, decentralized ledger archives, anti-scam tech by design – that kind. If a user chooses 123 as their password for example, there is nobody and nothing that would be able to protect him/her.

Zanity: Thanks very informative.

Here’s the third question.

Question #3 From: @RudeRigo_boang

Can you explain why UniWorld Ecosystem is needed For AI & Block Of Society 5.0 to have a unique business ideas and passionate people behind?

Joey Bertschler: There are so many projects that only exist for a moment. This is still a big issue. In 2017 over 80% of projects were scams. Some couldn’t, and some never intended to deliver.
Now it’s 2020 and the public has grown highly skeptical of fundraisers especially ICOs (as they should be).

Uni works with or without funding. If we get the support we are looking for quickly, we will scale accordingly. If not, things will simply develop more slowly. Our channels have never been quiet for several years either. Anyone can contact or ask us anything at any time and each of our core members is quite accessible. I think this makes for quite the big difference.

We are not living out of suitcases with PO addresses for example.

We convince investors in quite the simple way: Here are our bots (we show them an example) here are our numbers (we openly show those, very transparent approach) and then they invest if they want to invest in the tech space.

We had quite a few offers over the years, but we didn’t want to give up any equity and also finish our products first. At least to a degree where, even if it’s a bit rough, everything runs.

Our initiative right now is really more of a stress test phase.

This project won’t make a huge and sudden impact like the iphone did back in the day. Our approach is more that of a 7-eleven. We want to increase utility, offer more products and services and refine those and suddenly Uni is everywhere before you realize it.

We derive our value from our products and not an expectation of a high-value exit. It’s the same philosophy Roger Ver applies in his quest to improve BCH (as opposed to BTC maximalism).I was hoping the users that ask these questions could join the chat for a conversation. If anyone has any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Be it on the Bitcoin forum, via one of our emails, on LinkedIn or elsewhere. We will always get back to you —so the Uni team.

Zanity: Great, thanks for explaining about UniWorld’s ecosystem.

Here’s the next question.

Question #4 From: @Olonade02

Why have you termed Unichain as a 4th generation blockchain? What attributes does it possess that qualifies it for that title? Also, what makes Unichain distinct from the conventional blockchains?

Joey Bertschler: The scale and different build. Literally millions of transactions per second. Technical details here and here:


Overview (Forum)

Zanity: Thanks for explaining about Unichain.

Here’s the last question for this segment.

Question #5 From: @Vn69676675

What are mission of these Open-Source Java: Mary TTS, EclipseLink JPA and Jersey REST server? How does it work?
Diverse, Complex and Open source software: How does UniBot deal with these problem? What difficulties did you encounter in choosing the right open source code?

Joey Bertschler: UniWorld has many products which are written in many program languages such as Java, C/C++, NodeJs. UniChain core is written in Java but Its web wallet is mostly in Nodejs.
We try using the language which is suitable for each product and popular for developers, of course the performance is also important too.

Please contact henry for further details.

Segment 3: Live questions from the community

Zanity: I guess we’re done for the Twitter segment now let’s go for some community questions.

Are you ready?

Joey Bertschler: Yes.

Zanity: Chat closed! So many question from the community. @joey_jaz you may now pick questions.

Q1 From: @HeRmAwAnTrAdEr

What types of benefits does DPoS (Delegated Proof-Of-Stake) offer to UniChain compared to others? why did you choose DPoS instead of others like PoS, PoW etc.?

Joey Bertschler: Mainly chosen to achieve scalability without significant trade-off. (Also combined with Hot Stuff for this reason).

Also a lot more interoperable.

To quote @henry_ngv (consult him or the white paper for details) regarding programming language details (though this is a bit off topic but better to mention this from the start):

UniWorld has many products which are written in many program languages such as Java, C/C++, NodeJs. UniChain core is written in Java but Its web wallet is mostly in Nodejs.
We try using the language which is suitable for each product and popular for developers, of course the performance is also important too.

BTW forum thread & links

Q2 From: @killar_B

Uniworld total supply is 1billion
You currently aim to sell up to 30% of the total supply of UNW to the public and the remaining quantity is locked and the utilization shall be decided by the community through UniChain’s voting mechanism. How will the voting process be?

Joey Bertschler: Directly democratic based on witness nodes and general votes.

Q3 From: @Aleurich

What does UniWorld bring to Society 5.0? What are the advances that this project offers for the progress in society as we know it today?

Do you think that Society 5.0 is a reality that can happen in all countries? Or do you think it will be limited to the great world powers? Does UniWorld plan to reach every person in the world?

Joey Bertschler: – Functionality (1 MTPS w/o trade-off beyond crit. points)
– already a reality – increasingly more. Self-driving cars can be considered an example & yes, every single person.

Q4 From: @IntelligentDetective

UniWorld’s white paper is quite tricky for me and for any non-technical user, which is not helpful for investors who don’t have a lot of technical background! Do you have simple and basic information about UniWorld project that would help to better understand UniWorld for those users?

Joey Bertschler: Very good point. Uni is releasing more PR and videos with simplified and non-technical explanations in various languages to avoid language blockades. Can be seen on any Uni social.

Q5 From: @Ahmed1760

Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing the token on the leading exchanges?

Joey Bertschler: Planned. Part of the reason for the BNB pair – possible listing in the future, namely on Binance, shall be made more likely this way. Next listing on Korean exchange chainx (early coin offering up to 1 million, limited). More planed soon.

Q6 From: @Dev30000
What is the meaning of UniWorld? Why you choose this name?

Uniworld’s two main flagships are Unibot and its own Blockchain called Unichain could you describe what Unibot is, what kind of protocol and what TPS does Unichain achieve and how are these solutions intereconeced with UniMe?

Joey Bertschler: It’s a play on unifying. Chosen by it’s founding team part of which is Daika Ginza.

DPoS+Hotstuff makes it possible. For details please refer to the whitepaper or @henry_ngv

Q7 From: @Tony253210

One of the amazing features of Unichain is the TPS, 1 million is just extraordinary, but how this can be possible? What is the technology responsable of this?

Joey Bertschler: DPoS + HotStuff makes it possible. Details here: and here:

Q8 From: @Idee01

How easy is it to create token and manage smart contract on UniTools, compared to Ethereum platform? What additional benefits do I get from using UniTools?

Joey Bertschler: Here is a visualization:

It includes some animations that show how easy it is.

Q9 From: @newto1

Do explain what dPoS algorithm means? Why was it chosen by UniChain? And how exactly does this work?

Joey Bertschler: Decentralized proof of stake. A different consensus mechanism.

Here are some good links explaining the individual parts. We put our graphics, code, algorithms and so forth into our White papers for anyone interested in the details.

What is DPoS – Binance Academy (3min)

HotStuff – Cornell University (Paper)

Q10 From: @Bit_Top

How does UniWorld plan to generate revenue to keep the project afloat and what is its revenue model? How can this benefit both investors and your project?

Joey Bertschler: (Very small) transaction fees and fees for token creation and API calls. Also revenue from custom software solutions and Uni’s bots (enterprise versions being sold).

Q11 From: @captinbro

Do you have any BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token and attract Investors to invest?

Joey Bertschler: Uni will burn considerable amounts periodically. Amount will correlate with inflation.

Q12 From: @Nilwan

Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

Joey Bertschler: Uni spent the last 2 years ensuring just that (or rather that just this won’t happen). Also bug bounty programs planned. Tech lead knows more @henry_ngv.

Q13 From: @K2ice

What is the difference between UniBot and UniChain? Of all the five services rendered by UniWorld, which one is your team concentrating more on and why?

Joey Bertschler: Currently UniChain.World and it’s directly corresponding tools on Free 0.5 UNW for testing for all new users.

Q14 From: @tuntun112

What is your stragety to marketing and for mass adoption? How do you evaluate the support from community?

Joey Bertschler: Improving the products and make them more accessible in every way of the definition.

Q15 From: @sivaa32

What is your biggest challenge at the moment? How can you overcome this challenge?

Joey Bertschler: Listing. Improving the product.

Q16 From: @Yami_Ochinchin

Can you highlight the top-notch features of your project that will convince both crypto experts and non crypto users to join this project and contribute immensely in it?

Joey Bertschler: That would be the 1MPTS and interoperability.

Q17 From: @Ahmad_T2

What are the use cases and purpose of UniWorld in the world of Cryptocurrency? What major issues you want to solve that other blockchain doesn’t able to fix?

Joey Bertschler: A platform for both dAPPs and society 5.0 that can truly scale.

Q18 From: @OlegDubinskiy

UniChain is capable of 1 million transactions per second. However, beyond this fact, what clear advantage does UniChain have over Ethereum 2.0 when it comes to DeFi or DApps?

Joey Bertschler: None. That doesn’t mean it necessarily falls behind in any other category, but that is the main thing and purpose. Also interoperability.

Q19 From: @Hendrasico

AI algorithms are touching many aspects of human rights. As a result, many countries are already trying to legislate the use of AI. Im curious what do you think in this matter. Will the introduction of restrictions hinder the development of technology?

Joey Bertschler: At best slow down. If made too difficult, it will simply push development to more shady places. We can see a similar thing happening with DNA testing. Here is a Forbes article I wrote on the subject:

Q20 From: @ndbetting

What kind of incentives does UniWorld offer to small businesses to join the network? Do you have an already-working product out there on the market?

Joey Bertschler: Monetary incentives, cheap services and 24/7 live support.

Q21 From: @kennedyyomz

Could you please tell more about your products (UniChain.World, UniBot and UniMe) and what they mainly featured for?

Joey Bertschler: Uni has chat bots anyone (even no coders) can use
The blockchain can handle literally millions of transactions per second &
Uni never raised funds before meaning it has already built it’s products all self funded. (Repeating)

Uni started like most blockchain project as an ERC20 based idea. The team realized quickly that Ethereum had major problems however and so decided to build their own blockchain. This took several years.

Now Uni has it’s very own chain able to compete and possibly overtake it’s competitors. The vision is to democratize BC and AI by making everything far less cryptic. You buy things with UNW the same way you would for example with a store gift card. You can set up chat bots as if it was a video game and Uni’s social can do everything any other social can do — but without stealing your data ( There is also UniMe — the app version that can do all that + what telegram can. ‘s success lies in how practical it is. The team does not care for where you come from, who you are, what religion, age or color you are — it is simply a software company that tries to make useful software. That’s all there is to it.

No politics, no hidden agendas, just software — which Uni tries to make better.

In short: Uni makes high-end software for the everyday person and businesses alike.

Our current initiative is free UNW with every new wallet so people can test the systems.
( — 0.5 free UNW – just pointing it out again).


UniChain solves the scalability problem by using DPOS-Hotstuff consensus algorithm and Multi-chain architecture.
The DPOS-Hotstuff makes the network faster than any previous consensus algorithm (PoW, DPOS …). It reduces the communication complexity and also makes block/transaction finalized every block. Multi-Chain offloads the main chain processing, Transactions can be processed in individual side chains, only state and proof of transaction store on the mainchain. The core blockchain is quite complicated but We have make It easy for developers by creating the library/SDK (for example unichain-js) and many project examples. The development portal will be available in the end of this month too.

Overall it can be said that ‘s success lies in how practical it is. The team does not care for where you come from, who you are, what religion, age or color you are — it is simply a software company that tries to make useful software. That’s all there is to it.

Zanity: Okay I think that’s all. Thanks for having an amazing AMA session with our community @joey_jaz

Don’t forget to join UniWorld Telegram channel and also follow their Twitter page.

UniWorld Telegram

UniWorld Twitter

Are you ready?

On 7 September (Tomorrow)
UniWorld will conduct UniCash coin sales on ChainX!
UniWorld will introduce the IEO in the global business strategy at three separate exchanges. The first is for the target market in Korea, with a small $1 M fundraising on ChainX in early September (which will limit several countries). The Chinese market will then be next. And lastly, the large exchanges that represent the worldwide market price and hardcap will steadily increase.

And also UniWorld will conduct UniCash coin sales on ChainX tomorrow go and participate everyone.

-END of AMA session-


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