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BlockTalks x AMA Transcript!

Hello! BlockTalkers & Blockchain Enthusiastic!

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We recently hosted an AMA with, on 26th August 1 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Joey Bertschler, CEO of the project. So here we are up with AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be saver & feeder of knowledge for them.


Joey Bertschler: I’m Joey from Looking forward to this session. I work with various blockchain and AI companies such as bitgrit since 2017. A lot of my work revolves around automisation and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Forbes put it this way:

Joey Bertschler is a multi-corporate tech executive and contributor to various outlets such as Forbes and Hacker Noon. CEO of Cool Japan Holdings — the environmental enterprise aiming to make Japan Co2 neutral by 2030 — and the VP of the Security Token Alliance, the industry’s largest think tank with over 100 partners. He is also a public speaker and a member of the European AI Alliance, Harvard Business Review, YEC and MIT Technology Review.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager by managing a media outlet and an internet provider company before specializing in Content Marketing and Blockchain. He visited over 20 countries building a truly cosmopolitan mindset.

This is my Medium —

Here is my LinkedIn —

Introduction Questions Asked By BlockTalks

Q1. Could you please introduce to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — UniWorld started quite a while ago during the early Ethereum days. We wanted to solve the scalability, interoperability and regulatory issues with e.g. the ERC20 protocol and Blockchains in general. Because we didn’t want to raise any money before we had an actual product, we skipped the 2017 ICO wave and focused on R&D using the revenue we make from our bot solutions. Now we are at the mainnet stage and our products, though rough, are ready for the users.

Q2. What are the advantages of to other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — We ( are an ecosystem based tech syndicate. In other words, we offer many different products and services ranging from chat bots to our blockchain platform. You can also outsource your tasks to our vetted team! We don’t waste your time with whitepapers and empty emails — we go straight for a prototype/MVP, because we want you to judge and value us based on our performance and quality.

While other BC projects are normally focused on one specific application (which they don’t really serve either), Uni takes a truly cosmopolitan approach. We have offices and employees all over the world all of which work remotely and are constantly tested for their skills — no slackers allowed!

We have the experience and capability to launch many products simultaneously also thanks to our valuable long-term partnerships with software and design veterans. From blockchain to UX, Solidity to C+: we got you covered.

The world is big, but true innovation requires a bold approach and that’s what Uni is all about.

Fun fact: it took over 3800 years for anyone to build something larger than the pyramids and electric cars have been around since the 1800s! No more stagnation, it’s time to embrace technology.

To give something more tangible:

Uni has chatbots anyone (even no coders) can use
The blockchain can handle literally millions of transactions per second &
Uni never raised funds before meaning it has already built it’s products all self funded.

Q3. What are the major milestones achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?

Ans — Blockchain with record stats, Industry-leading chatbots, a messaging app arguably more secure than Telegram itself and a truly cosmopolitan infrastructure. Proud to have female leaders, a unique community in every country and close to no runway. We also instantly sold out our pre-ICO round so we are excitied for the actual listings coming this quarter.

Questions Asked on Twitter For!

Q1. Artificial intelligence is highly expected to replace traditional managers, while you are building a smart society 5.0, what are your views on Artificial Intelligence. Do you think it can co-exist with traditional or replace them?

Ans — AI will certainly replace a lot of jobs, anything else would be nonsensical. But not the way people think. It will also create many new jobs and people will re-learn. Same as happened with the internet.

Currently, models like GPT3 are trained on the entirety of the internets data and achieve scary levels of accuracy. Some even fear AI may become sentient if the pace keeps up (dangerous) but it is unlikely given that scalability doesnt go much further.

At second glance, it is easy to see just how much more AI can improve with more qualitative data and careful tuning.

Uni is building solutions tailored towards imporving the everyday live of aging populations common in first world countries but also where else they are needed.

For more details on AI, I recommend my last Forbes article on the topic here:

Council Post: AI: What To Know And How Emerging Companies Can Compete

Artificial intelligence doesn’t need to be sophisticated to analyze customer behavior, make purchase recommendations…

For smart society 5.0 we need actually functioning tools — not white papers. Uni chatbots for example can be intergrated into IoT devices.

Q2. As we know, every successful project has a few stories behind the scenes, what’s the story behind Uniworld success? What was that vision when it first emerged as an idea? Are there any special prototypes or upcoming Uniworld updates that you want to show/share with us?

Ans — Uni started like most blockchain project as an ERC20 based idea. The team realized quickly that Ethereum had major problems however and so decided to build their own blockchain. This took several years.

Now Uni has it’s very own chain able to compete and possibly overtake it’s competitors. The vision is to democratize BC and AI by making everything far less cryptic. You buy things with UNW the same way you would for example with a store gift card. You can set up chatbots as if it was a video game and Uni’s social can do everything any other social can do — but without stealing your data ( There is also UniMe — the app version that can do all that + what telegram can. ‘s success lies in how practical it is. The team does not care for where you come from, who you are, what religion, age or color you are — it is simply a software company that tries to make useful software. That’s all there is to it.

No politics, no hidden agendas, just software — which Uni tries to make better.

In short: Uni makes high-end software for the everyday person and businesses alike.

Our current initative is free UNW with every new wallet so people can test the systems.
( — 0.5 free UNW)

Q3. Would UNW agree with me that adoption and utility are key factors a to project’s survival and success? What’s being done to drive global adoption of amidst crypto regulations, legislation, and competition?

Ans — Absolutely. This is also why Uni doesn’t see it’s competitors as rivals but rather as allies. Together we can rbing upon adoption faster than in relative isolation — as to why UniChain has multi-chain and omni-chaim interoperability protocols to enable any project to interact and cooperate. All for one, one for all

Anyone can issue high-level coins and bc projects without running into major roadblocks if they do so with either Uni or a project that works with Uni/

ERC20 and even ERC1440 are not complex enough to satisfy regulators (e.g. unaccredited investors can buy such tokens violating SEC terms — they can’t with Uni based protocols).

Q4. Unichain offers many different products, Are you focusing heavily on user experience in everything you build, Are your products easily accessible or users have to pay to access your products? What strategies do you have planned towards mass adoption of your products in the long term?

Ans — We have enterprise plans/versions of our products and services but those are unique cases

Generally: yes to all. The more people the better. We get more people by being more useful and being more useful will help more people leading to more people on the platform.

We don’t really have a complicated strategy. We built products — now we release them. Then take the feedback and look at the performance of everything. Then improve. Rinse and repeat.

Q5. Can you tell me more about $UniWorld tokenomics. Are they an utility token? For what reasons we need to buy $UNW tokens? What are they real use case?

Ans — UNW is often called a utility token. It’s true int eh way that it is used to pay for/ and run many of Uni’s services. However, there are also seperate services where people build upon Uni’s platform and create new projects which in turn may be security tokens. In this regard, UniChain.World acts much like Ethereum.

UNW may be seen as security token by some for their expectation of profit, but Uni always clearly states that everything is purely about utilization of services and value increase is deprived from the general sentiment of people buying the coin. That is the coin UNW not the token UNW as the founder would put it.

In simple terms: Yes & to use Uni stuff. (Chatbots, Mia promotions, UniChain based dAPPs & projects)

Here is our next listing (korea)

Tokenomics are simplified:
~30c per UNW (depending on where and how much) 1b cap, no new coins will be minted.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session for the team!

Q1. You claim to be a very Scalable Blockchain, unfortunately most chains in recent times solve scalability only at the expense of sacrificing a certain degree of decentralization or security. To what extent is the degree of decentralization and security at UniWorld? As a sophisticated Dapps developers that I’ve ran into a certain barrier on Ethereum blockchain, can I switch to UniChain as an alternative, if yes, what benefits will I enjoy?

Ans — Very good point. That is the exact reason UniChain exists: to achieve scalability without trading off/ sacrificing other points

UniChain solves the scalability problem by using DPOS-Hotstuff consensus algorithm and Multi-chain architecture.
The DPOS-Hotstuff makes the network faster than any previous consensus algorithm (PoW, DPOS …). It reduces the communication complexity and also makes block/transaction finalized every block. Multi-Chain offloads the main chain processing, Transactions can be processed in individual side chains, only state and proof of transaction store on the mainchain. The core blockchain is quite complicated but We have make It easy for developers by creating the library/SDK (for example unichain-js) and many project examples. The development portal will be available in the end of this month too.

Here is the whitepaper for more details —

& our BTC forum post with all details in a crips overview:

UniChain – The 4th Generation Blockchain Made For The Smart Society 5.0

UniChain – The 4th Generation Blockchain Made For The Smart Society 5.0

UniChain – The 4th Generation Blockchain Made For The Smart Society

Q2. With which other blockchain projects can Uniworld imagine a cooperation for the future?

Ans — As long as the projects have actual value (a product that solves a problem) and if they are compliant — all of them.

Interoperability in a fashion of one for all, one for all
That’s the vision.

Q3. The blockchain industry is growing by the day, what makes Uniworld stand out against other projects and companies competing in the space?

Ans — Record-high performance, up until now completely self funded & actual live products as opposed to filled whiteboards.

Q4. Privacy, security and scalability are the major threats we all face in this Blockchain industry now, how does UNICHAIN plan to solve these PROBLEMS?

Ans — From the company side you can only do so much. No matter how secure everything is — human error still is key. If you share your credit card information with a dubious source or set 12345 as your password nobody can save you.

Uni is state-of the art when it comes to security — but some things can’t be improved upon.

Q5. I have been reading about the functions of your UniME application and I realized that it is very similar to Telegram chats, bot, audio, video.
What are some of the additional functions of this application compared to Telegram?

Ans — Even more secure (auto deletes all information instantly), integrate multi functional crypto wallet & improved chatbots — more functions to come soon.

Q6. In the crypto field, it’s very hard for projects to generate revenue/profits, some projects have a 10% dev share(10% from transaction fees taken by the project), can you explain to us in what way that Uniworld creates revenue/profits?

Ans — We charge very very low fees on our transactions — but we have a lot and I mean a lot of transactions. That accumulates. Our main income of revenue stems from our business solutions (custom made chatbots for enterprises) and the software we produce for companies.

We are creating an omni present platform that makes everything easier and charges minimal — fair — fees in between.

Staking could be an option. You could technically build and sell chat bots made on the UniBot platform with your mobile phone, but this would be vastly more tedious than simply using a computer.Similar to how you could write articles on Medium on your phone, but typing this way would take a long time.

Q7. How is blockchain technology applied in UNW project? Does UNW really need blockchain technology to be well-functioned?

Ans — Yes, to be compliant a secure, immutable ledger is necessary. KYC, AML and all of that. Also taxes.

Q8. Marketing is the leading factor that helps the project thrive. So what is your strategy to attract customers and developers to Uniworld in the long term?

Ans — Aside from occasional PR and articles focused on our updates (new upgrades, patches, products) Uni doesn’t really market. Uni rather improves the products so in that regard we disagree.

Q9. I’m an internet bug finder. Projects around the world can still make mistakes, so what makes UniWorld so sure that won’t happen? UniWorld has an exchange that pays rewards to 1 specialist? What is safe mode for users?

Ans — One of the key reasons we are listing and releasing everything to the public only after so many years.
We wanted to make sure everything is solid — and now we stress test the systems.

Q10. DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us?
Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system?
What’s your project Approach towards DeFi?

Ans — Please check the UniChain for Defi solutions here

Q11. What are the benefits of UniChain being a DPoS + HotStuff baised platform?

Ans — UniChain also referred to as multi-chain, is a highly scalable Blockchain platform interconnecting BCs to combine their assets (among other things) to scale and utilize otherwise idle potential to create a system greater than its parts.

UniChain uses a DPOS-Hotstuff hybrid solution as the core consensus algorithm and the Uni-bridge protocol to communicate between Blockchains, i.e. cross-protocol for interchain communication.

UniCoin (UNW) is UniChain’s native coin, but everyone can issue/ utilize their own native tokens on the UniChain system as well. Further specifications of UniChain:

Cryptography algorithms: SHA256, SHA512, Keccak256, Keccak512, Elliptic Curve Digital Signature (EDCA).

Private keys on UniChain: 256 bit long (64 hex characters) and start with the letter U

Consensus algorithms: DPoS-Hotstuff

Active witness nodes: 33, alternative witness nodes: 22 (55 in total)

Total UNW supply (fixed): (In words: one billion)

Block time: 1–3 seconds

Smart contract language: Solidity (compatible with Ethereum)

Inflation rate < 1% per year (may be zero or go negative, depending on transactions in the network)

UniChain’s mainnet (version 1.0) launched on 04 June 2020.
UniChain’s official website:
Blockchain explorer website:

What is is the ecosystem UniChain is part of consisting of:

UniBot: An AI and chatbot platform utilizing UniChain for verification and store transactions. Users can create and customize their own chatbots

UniMe: Mobile app which can be used as a secure end-to-end chat app (also supports audio/video calls). It also acts as a Blockchain hub where users can manage their Blockchain wallets (currently UNW, ETH and BNB — more are planned) or just simply use it to enter or scan codes (including QR) and track a products origin (supply chain/storage/verification use-case)

Mia social network: Similar to other social platforms but focused on AI, Blockchain and the Smart Society 5.0. It uses UniChain to permanently store transactions and also rewards users (in UNW) for good content.

Tell us what is the Unichain & UniBot platform,
How does it work,and what are the benefits?

Q12. What are biggest challenges and biggest strength of Uniworld to overcome those challenges?

Ans — I think one thing I didn’t mention anywhere yet is how tight Uni runs. The is close to no waste and even if Uni hand’t received a single penny in funding it would run purely on it’s own revenue. That’s quite rare in the BC space.

The biggest challenge will be to further improve the systems. Where do you go from 1 million TPS? Not easy.

Q13. I have seen that you have several telephones and locations in various countries to contact, do you have several stores around the world, or are they just those in particular? And if you have only those, do you think about expanding yourself one day?

Ans — Uni does indeed have physical offices spread around the globe and is expanding more and more. Regulators make such a brick & mortar foothold more or less essentiall though Uni wants to keep it to a minimum as to not waste resources.

For those curious: Uni is mainly incorporated in Singapore.

Q14. Can you tell me the relationship Between Uniworld and Enviroment and Healthcare industries?

What are the Focus market that Uniworld is aiming ? Asia First? Considering that you said that you don’t have native english speakers? How the users like us can help you to your global expansion?

Ans — A lot of Uni’s services are a great fit for those. UniChain.World ledgers are more secure than virtually any other chain so they are suitable for sensitive industries such as healthcare

The focus is on Asia first yes. The tech team doesn’t have native speakers yet but it hardly matters to be honest. It was mentioned here and there to explain typos and sometimes odd sounding writings/PR. It’s technology from tech guys, not tech from marketers.

Q15. How does Uniworld offer strong incentives for users to join the network? I mean, why is it a good option to choose Uniworld among the hundreds of stablecoins that currently exist? Also, what are the specific problems that unichain aims to solve in the ecosystem?

I usually consider 3 things on blockchains: flexibility, cost and security. How can you guarantee me that these 3 things are available on

Ans — Stablecoins are meant as a hedge against market volatility. Uni is a software syndicate producing many products. UNW acts as a utility’ish store credit, quite different — I personally would recommend to think about why a certain crypto fits your needs.

Flexibility can mean anything. Uni is a big project with many offices, services and incorporations. Also patents, people and so forth. Flexible in what sense?

Uni products are as secure as they can be — but that doesn’t mean Uni can do anything if you set your password to 123 and get hacked (simplyfied example)

In terms of cost: Uni has only now started to raise funding to scale and was so far completely self funded. It’s burnway is thus non-existent and products are already finished rather than funds being asked to produce them.

As you’ve said, Unicef is huge. One (of the many) Unicef teams needed a chatbot and Uni provided. No matter the size of a company, valuable products are always a buy.

Here are some important👇

Website :

Telegram :

Twitter :


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