Who is building UniWorld Ecosystem?
Foundation Team
Daika Ginza
Founder & Chairman

Serial entrepreneur of various startups - expert
in venture builder. Successfully managed an
investment portfolio in real estate, cryptos.

Nguyen Dinh Thang
CVO (Chief Visionary & Innovative Officer)
Former Chairman of Lien Viet Post Bank, one of Vietnam’s top second generation of IT experts. He co-founded and made Lien Viet Post Bank in the top 10 biggest private commercial banks in Vietnam in terms of assets and equity. One of the pioneers in approaching, introducing and teaching the first programming languages (DOS 1.0, Dbase II) in Vietnam. Led the IBM Vietnam’s coding department serving IBM clients after the Vietnam war.
Anh Tran
Co-Founder & CFO
Former vice CEO of Vietnam International Bank, managerial positions at Standard Chartered Bank, MUFG Bank, Ltd. Bootstrapped startups in IT and telecommunications. Built one of the first social networks for businesses in the world.
Nobuyuki Sato
Japan Representative, Co-Founder & CSO
Former General Manager at Mitsubishi Corporation, former Managing Director of Japan Cash Machine (JCM) Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany; Established various start-ups during his tenure at Mitsubishi, including J/V with Israeli high-tech up in IT area, incubation & corporate V/C.
Henry Nguyen
Co-Founder & CTO (Blockchain)

Former Chief Technology Officer at TranData (FPT Software). Built the blockchain solution architecture for one of the largest airlines in the world. Led the structure design for private blockchain of the top technology company in Vietnam.

James Sutherland
Co-Founder & CTO (AI)

Former architect of Oracle TopLink and committer on EclipseLink. At Oracle James worked as a lead developer and the architect of the TopLink product and worked on TopLink's integration into Oracle iAS, Oracle WebLogic, and Oracle Glassfish.

Developer team

The main responsiblity for the development of products in the
Uniworld ecosystem is the Unilab DAO network team.

Unilab was established in 2013, with members from many countries around the world (Japan, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Vietnam...) and operates under the DAO model.

Decentralized Community

Blockchain industry is revolutionary, open source and relies on the community's continuous intellectual contribution.

We are well aware of the smallness and limitations of individuals
or organizations, so Uniworld's development philosophy is to
combine the initiative of the development team and inherit and
absorb contributions from the community

From you

The development of the ecosystem cannot be without new factors, new ideas and contributions

You are an expert, a developer, or a KOL
You are an investor, a student, or a crypto lover
Whoever you are, if you love Uniworld, join us!!!