Nuclear layer

Since 2013, the Unilab DAO network has consisted of
scientists, programmers, and developers spread across many
countries around the world.

Unilab operates under the DAO model, contributing, building, and
applying new technologies, focusing on Al and Blockchain.


The MIA foundation is a multi-intelligence alliance and a non-
profit organization to promote the development of the
Uniworld ecosystem and smart society 5.0.

Platform layer

Unichain is the backbone of the Uniworld ecosystem. On the
Unichain network, the crypto economy employs the UNW
native token. The Blockchain platform incorporating layer 2
protocols enables the building of applications necessary for a
decentralized economy.


Unibot is a virtual assistant platform with A.I. Individual AI bots
in Metaveser are controlled and verified by blockchain.

Application layer

UniMe is a secure encrypted messaging app that enhances freedom-privacy-trust in society 5.0


MIA is a social network for the tech communities and Uniworld ecosystem


Uniwallet helps you exchange and manage tokens on the Unichain network; Stake UNW, and earn network rewards


An important thing that cannot be separated from the Uniworld ecosystem is the cryptocurrency economic model
This is a novel, unavoidable, and highly intriguing economic model.

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