Uniworld coin

The economy of the Uniworld ecosystem uses the Uniworld coin
(UNW) to operate. Owning UNW allows you to use the products in
the ecosystem, build apps, operate the network and earn rewards


Uniworld coin (UNW) is a native token on the Unichain network -
Blockchain platform of the Uniworld ecosystem. UNW powers the
Blockchain network and the applications built on it.

Unichain Network is an open source platform with high scalability,
low cost, easy to use for developers.

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Who uses UNW ?
Users & Developers

Use UNW to pay fees for transactions, Create tokens, build

Applications such as DeFi Protocols (DEX, Lending &
Borrowing, Synthenic, Stable coin...), NFT (Marketplace,
Gaming, Artist...)...

Validators & voters

The network is operated through Witness nodes, the node
owners (validators) will receive network rewards (UNW).

Holders can also participate in this process to receive
rewards by locking and delegating witness nodes through
voting mechanism.

How do I get UNW?

You can buy UNW on exchanges with fiat or

We work hard to make UNW available on
various exchanges


Use money to make money. By locking and
voting on the Uniwallet wallet, you have
contributed to the operation of the
blockchain network so you will receive a
reward every 6 hours.


We have a budget in community
development. You can earn UNW through
Bounty, Airdrop, Hackrathon...

How do I store UNW?

Like other coins, You can store on crypto wallets that support UNW, the number of wallets that support UNW
will increase over time ( Uniwallet, Unime Defi wallet and more soon)

Each account will have its own private key, if you lose it, no one can help you get your property back.

What can I do with UNW?
Basic operation
  • Tranfer UNW with low fee, fast and simple
  • Hold
  • Use on Dapps
Earn Rewards
  • Stake your UNW on
  • Uniwallet or campaign-supported exchanges
  • Run a Validator
Learn more
  • Token economics
  • Sidechain Auction
  • Join launchpad