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At UniWorld, our team has developed a robust blockchain called Unichain by combining and modifying many cutting-edge technologies. We build Unichain to meet the requirements of real-world applications without compromising on scalability, decentralization, and security. We would like to contribute to the advancement of Blockchain technology in general based on our Blockchain platform.

About UniWorld

Uniworld was established in 2019 to develop, research, and promote layer-1 blockchain. Since 2013, our founder, Daika Ginza has formed a global consortium of developers and scientists under a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to build a layer-1 blockchain better suited for real-life applications. In May 2020, Uniworld Singapore was established and in June 2020, Uniworld completed the initial build of UniChain (mainnet), marking the fourth generation of layer-1 blockchain, and started the commercialization phase. In October 2020, Uniworld released its token called UNW on various exchanges worldwide.

February 2022, UniWorld registered as a legal company in Japan to capture market share in the Japanese market. Uniworld aims for IPO in Japan in 2 year and plans to move the headquarter to Japan within 2022.

Unichain scores higher than the popular Ethereum in terms of performance, scalability, cost, speed, convenience, and functionality. Unichain is an outstanding choice for Japan’s booming NFT, Defi, Web 3 and Metaverse-related businesses. Even though we are targeting the Japanese market, our services are globally competitive.


Japan Headquarter

Company Name: UniWorld Ecosystem Co., Ltd.
Address: 104-0061 Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 7-13-6 Sagami Building 2F
Capital:5 million JPY
Establishment date:February 16, 2022
Corporate Number:9010001224687

Vietnam Office

Company Name:UniWorld Vietnam Joint Stock
Company Address:2nd Floor, Watermark Building, #395 Lac Long Quan street, Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Singapore Office

Company Name: UniWorld Ecosystem Pte. Ltd.

Canada Office

Company name: Paphus Solutions Inc.
Address: 15 Fitzgerald Rd Suite #200, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Foundation Team

Daika Ginza
Daika Ginza

Daika Ginza

Founder & CEO

Thang Dinh Nguyen
Thang Dinh Nguyen

Thang Dinh Nguyen

Co-Founder & CVIO

Nobuyuki Sato
Nobuyuki Sato

Nobuyuki Sato

Co-Founder, CSO & Japan representative

Anh Tran
Anh Tran

Anh Tran

Co-Founder & CFO

James Sutherland
James Sutherland

James Sutherland

Co-Founder & CTO (AI)

Henry Nguyen
Henry Nguyen

Henry Nguyen

Co-Founder & CTO (Blockchain)

Aron Nguyen
Aron Nguyen

Aron Nguyen

Co-founder & Head of Engineer(Blockchain & AI)


Unilab DAO Network

Technical team


Our next generation blockchain platform and the succeeding ecosystem are developed by a group of young Vietnamese engineers since 2017, making use of resources from the global DAO.

Summary of our business is as follows

  • Founded by entrepreneur in his 30s
  • Targeting the Japanese market
  • Cutting-edge technology developed for years under the global DAO
  • Prompt and reliable technical support by a team of young blockchain specialists from Vietnam
  • Aiming for IPO in Japan with the help of experienced advisors from Japanese general trading firms.

Noteworthy points of our technology

Using URC-30 protocol, even the amateurs can easily create regional tokens (corporate tokens) at an extremely low cost

Decentralized bridge protocol enables interoperability with other chains like Ethereum. Tokens can be transferred from other chains to Unichain and vice versa.

Being a latecomer in the blockchain industry allows Unichain to tremendously outperform Ethereum and other already expanding chains

Not just simply making use of the popular blockchains, Uniorld also helps create unique private blockchain networks tailored to the clients’ needs. By this, clients can build unique blockchain apps.

Clients in Japan can entrust Uniworld with IT outsourcing services at a comparatively low cost and high speed, ranging from general IT services to specialized services related to NFT, Metaverse, Defi, DAO.

The founder is a young engineer, having graduated from a Japanese university. He has a great ambition to expand the business in Japan. The company is to excel rapidly in the Japanese market with its technical excellency and the passion of its youth.

Overview of the ecosystem built on Unichain

Uniworld’s layer-1 blockchain is the first in the world to allow the layer 2 to truly manage and operate digital assets.

Daika Ginza
Unilab DAO network
Unilab DAO network
MIA foundation
MIA foundation
Bot Libre
Bot Libre

Unilab DAO network

Since 2013, the Unilab DAO network has consisted of scientists, programmers, and developers spread across many countries around the world. Unilab operates under the DAO model, contributing, building, and applying new technologies, focusing on Al and Blockchain.

Business Model

Uniworld can enjoy the following businesses

  • (1) IT Outsourcing service for Blockchain Technology
  • (2) Earn transaction fee for use of UniWorld Blockchain infrastructure
  • (3) Training/education service

Uniworld status to date

  • 2017~

    Sieries of product developped by consortium worldwide

  • 2020

    Company in Singapore established by the Blockchain specialist and its group with industry veterans to start business and further commercialize

  • 2021

    Company in Japan was establsied in Feb 2022 to target market capture and IPO in Japan

  • 2022

    UniWorld cryptcurrency started to be traded at various cyrptcurrency market (See attachment 2) (e.g Bitforex, etc)

Financial Plan, Business Plan, Capital Raising Plan, Capital Policies, Stock Price Calculation

Please contact us for details. Signing an NDA is required before accessing the above information

Fundraising plan

Prior to IPO in Japan, we are considering raising funds with preferred stock (Series A fundraising through preferred Stock within this year is being considered). While it takes some time to calculate the current stock price, we will raise funds with Convertible Note as a preliminary step to fund our expansion in the Japanese market.



UNW token overview here

Currently, Uniworld token is traded at the following price


The total issuance of UNW limits at 1 billion tokens Until the current date, 150 million UNW have been issued

History of UNW issuances is as below

Number of UNW
sold (M)
Total sale
Seed round0,01875801,510/03/2020
Private sale0,2451,224/06/2020
Public sale0,333107/09/2020



Company Name :UniWorld Ecosystem Co., Ltd.

Address :104-0061 Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 7-13-6 Sagami Building 2F

Corporate Number : 9010001224687

Phone : 080-3706-0731 (Mr. Nobuyuki Sato, Japan Representative)

E-mail : [email protected]


Company Name : UniWorld Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Address : 2nd Floor, Watermark Building, #395 Lac Long Quan street, Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Vietnam

E-mail : [email protected]


Company Name : UniWorld Ecosystem Pte. Ltd.

Address : No 23 NEW INDUSTRIAL ROAD, #04-09, SOLSTICE BUSINESS CENTER, SINGAPORE (536209) (Uniworld office in Singapore was established for the sole purpose of issuing UNW token, please kindly contact the other 2 offices)